Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I have never been so relieved to finally arrive at my room in Sydney, two days later and 5 extra suitcases more than anticipated. FIVE! None of which were mine. When I stepped out of the airport, it was sunny and HOT! 50 degrees warmer than it was in New York. It was awesome! I immediately forgot about the TWO DAY delay that I couldnt stop bitching and crying about previously. Anyway, I had agreed to take a taxi with someone I met on the plane because we were staying at the same place. Boy did I not know WTF I had signed up for. I had my trolley (cart) of 2 suitcases, which is the normal limit by the way, and she had her three. Yup, three trolleys of 5 monsterous suitcases. Anyway, three hours and many "stupid American" stares later, we made our way to the UniLodge.

I meet the 4 other Northeasterners and amazingly, we all get along real well, maybe a little too well. Haha. The first couple days, we meet so many kids from BU, ironic how we're all the way on the other side of the world and we're still meeting Boston kids. We also met a group of kids from Indiana U. who frequently join us in our late night debaucherys.

The nightlife here in Sydney is definitely up to par with what a major city should be, I suppose. I have only been to bars so far, but I hear the clubs play mostly techno. Will have to venture into that soon. The music, is usually a live band playing 90's music where you're forced to dance like a fool, well because we're usually drunken fools, it's great. Incredible hulk? Huh? Yea, I asked for one and they gave me a blank stare. Big beer culture, not so much liquor. Being as how a 750ml of Soco costs about $35.00. How disappointing! So yea, I've been forced into killing myself with beer and more beer. No worries, my sister will be getting me a bottle of tequila from the duty-free shop when she visits in a couple days. And cigarettes, $12 a pack! Ouch.

This weekend was very eventful one. It started off with Friday night on a Harbour Cruise, AKA Booze Cruise. Unlimited wine and beer. Oh no. The Wolfie came out in all of us. 400 drunk kids on a boat, with two toilets, and a pole. A pole that got a lot of action. The cruise reminded me of the Staten Island Ferry. Standing outside with the breeze, passing amazing city sights, and a beer in my hand. We saw the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and all the city buildings from night view. Beautiful. The next morning at 8AM, we board a bus to go on a Wine & Dolphin weekend. We went to Hunter Valley and visited 3 winerys and their wine-tasting events. I don't think we learned too much about wine but we did discover that frizzante is great! 10 out of 10 for taste! Chas (our awesome bus driver) didn't get to sneak us into another winery but we were all pretty buzzed. That night, we stayed at a hostel in Newcastle. My first hostel experience. Nothing like that crazy Hostel movie. It was very wholesome. The room, not us, cuz we were drunk and swinging on bunkbeds. The next day, we went on a dolphin watching boat where we stalked dolphins around the sea. Good times. We attempted to go sand-duning but the sand was too wet and it wouldnt slide. It looked awesome though. I really wanted to pretend I was snowboarding down the huge sand dunes. They said you can carve and everything. Boo. Next time. We went to a beach to compensate for not sand-sliding and then that concluded the trip. O yea, and people were having sex on the bus back.

Other than the weekend events, I've just been going to the beautiful beaches (so far Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach). Abundance of surfing at the beaches, which hopefully I will be able to surf after this weekend's Surf Camp trip. Getting trashed everynight, as usual, meeting tons of new people, and seeing beautiful sites. No, I have not seen any kangaroos or koalas yet. But I am in the city and those are only in the outback, so that's probably why.

You can check out pictures on my facebook. If you don't have facebook, you're beat.
Til next time.

p.s. School still hasn't started yet.
p.p.s. SPF 2 is def not safe for Australian sun. Eeks.