Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight savings time

I am so terrible with keeping up with a blog. I really want to write though, I promise. Especially because I have the worst memory and having old posts to read always helps me recover stuff I've forgotten. I wish I had written more during my time in Australia because, although only two years ago, I cannot even remember the name of the street I lived on nor half the places I went to often. Yes, often I was at bars. Whatever. It's still really sad because it was such a memorable experience for me but I cannot recall the names of most places/things I did/saw.

Spring is coming in 2 weeks! Where has winter gone? I barely got to go snowboarding and I did not have a Spring Break this year (which is in the winter for Northeastern). Not that I'm complaining about having nice, warm weather but time is definitely starting to speed up and I'm not liking it. I feel like 2009 JUST started but winter is about to be over already and I can see summer around the corner. Life after college sucks... haha.

I decided (about 2 seconds ago) I'm going to make a list of things I'd like to accomplish this year. A monster to-do list that I must complete by the end of the year, and maybe add to it, periodically. Some serious, some fun and some more difficult than others but mostly feasible. I love lists. And checking things off.
1. Pay off at least one of my credit cards (sadly, this is #1)
2. Get health insurance
3. Decide my career path
4. Visit one of my sisters in Beijing/Dubai (hopefully both!)
5. Watch a Broadway play
6. Have dinner with the Australia crew
7. Cook for my parents.
8. Learn to play real tennis
9. Go white water rafting
10. Go to the Bronx Zoo!
11. Go to MoMA
12. Go to the new Yankees stadium, and Giants
13. Spend a weekend in the Hamptons
14. Eat a Philly cheesesteak from Philly
15. Be able to run 5 miles nonstop (even if its just on the treadmill)
16. Learn to play simple guitar (or any instrument!!)

I know a lot of these seem simple but sometimes when things are so simple, they are often put on hold and never gotten to. Hopefully I will get to all of these things sooner than later so I can compile another list :)