Monday, March 5, 2007


Words cannot explain how beautiful Crescent Head Beach was. It was where we went to Surf Camp this past weekend and everything was just amazing. Mojo Surf Camp had their own private beach area that was probably the size of Jones Beach. Beautiful blue water, constant crashing waves and glittering sand. It was so absolutely breathtaking. Many times we just sat there, silent, and took in the beauty of everything. I almost didn't want to take any pictures of it because there is no way a snapshot could have portrayed what it really was. But I did, haha.

Amazing. The instructors were the epitome of the Australian surfer dude. Kimbo, who was in charge of the camp, was the most perverted guy ever. If your bikini was not double knotted, you'd give everyone a free show cuz he would pull the string as he walked by. I learned that the hard way. Tough noogies.

Surfing was everything I thought it would be, and more. I was able to stand up in my first few tries. So we surfed for two days straight and it is damn tiring! But so worth it.

At night, we sat around a campfire thingy and drank booze. How typical. When that got boring, we drank on the beach and again, just stared at how beautiful everything was.

Overall, it was one of the most amazing weekends I've had in a long time. It was definitely something I've never experienced before and probably won't very much. Living in a beach shack and surfing all weekend on a beach that was our own. Loves it.

Coming back to Sydney was a dread. We knew we had classes starting the next day. You know that feeling. Monday I had one class and my gosh! It was in an auditorium of 500 and as I was waiting outside, I thought I was at the wrong place because fobs were PLENTIFUL! I was thinking that maybe it was a calculus class? Oh no, because 90% of the class was fobs. Awesome.
Today I have Sport and Learning in Australian culture. One of my two bullshit classes where I'll be going on field trips to rugby games and museums and stuff. Can't wait!

Call me! 04 0669 4436 If you can figure out how to call int'l because I havent yet.
Please keep in mind the 16 hour difference. Thanks.

Our hot guide, Ian

Me carrying the effing heavy board.

That jellyfish is bigger than my head!

<3 Northeastern.

The End.


northeastern said...

hey barbie!!
Sounds like you are having a blast!!

Sugar said...

i said the comment!!

pik said...

cool dolphin shot. looks like you're having a blast!

leeeesaur said...


it's 16 degrees here, but it really feels like -3 degrees .

beat that .