Monday, April 30, 2007

We put out!

I just came back from a weekend that was anything but ordinary. Me and Alex made a drunken decision to go to Melbourne the following day, for the 2nd time. Following what was already a crazy night at the club and had to board a plane at 6am. Jess wanted Thursday night to be rediculous enough to cover for the weekend since she was not coming with us. What was supposed to be a Chris Brown and Beyonce afterparty turned out to be a drunken mess (what's new) with bottles of wine and champagne and massive shots. Needless to say, at least someone had their head in the toilet by the end of the night.
With two hours of sleep, me and Alex catch a flight to Melbourne. As spontaneous as the booking of the flight was, we had nowhere to stay once in Melbourne, had no idea what we were going to do or go. Since the plane ride is only an hour, we arrive in Melbourne at 7am, and we're like, 'what the f do we do now?'. Still very very drunk and tired, we start roaming. We decide we need to call Shawn and Matt because they were in Melbourne too but didnt know we had spontaneously decided to come. As I reach into my bag to grab a hoody because its so dam cold!, I noticed something. I didn't bring any pants. Or underwear. Or my debit card. Way to pack while I'm drunk......
Unsure of what to do, we were at least def sure that we wanted to hit up the casino. What else could we do at 7am? We go in with $10, each, hoping for the best. We managed to not lose all of our money. Until 12pm. Now with $0, and no place to stay and no clothes... We finally decide to tell our friends that we're in the same city as them but they thought we were joking at first. They are already on their way camping so me and Alex decide to meet up with them the next night. Very excited, as me and Alex are definitely the camping kind of girls. Well we spend all day walking around the city, shopping, buying me pants, charging my phone and exploring beautiful Europenesque alleys. We love it.
That night we were determined to get into all the places that we couldnt get into last time, for whatever the reasons were: too late, cover, ugly men, yadda yadda. We went to this one bar, Section 8, which is all outdoors. It was pretty chill until theis bouncer started talking to me and told me that I'd have a grand old time back in his bedroom. ALEX, I'M IN THE WATER! What a creep. I got out of that one, only to have a guy start talking to us who brought his purple teddy bear to the bar. What is going on?! Time to leave... the other bars we went to wasn't cutting it either, so we did what every bored person does at 2 am...went to eat and called it a night.
The next morning we rent a car and head towards Phillip Island to watch the penguin parade. Boy was it weird driving on the wrong side of the road, but it didnt take long to get used it. 2 hours and 140km/h or so later we arrive in Phillip Island and we have extra time so we wander the town and the beaches. When it was time to see the penguins, we were sooo excited. We sit on the beach and wait til the sun goes down so the penguins will come out of the water to run back to their burrows in the sand. The first lil penguin appeared and he was the cutest thing ever. Then about 15 little penguins come out of the water after him and they just stand and wait for their whole 'crew'. The penguins are about 8 inches tall and so freaking adorable! For an hour, we watch as groups and groups of penguins come out of the water. We werent allowed to take pictures because it scares them and makes them regurgitate the food out of their mouthes that they saved up all day. But we still managed to get a video. Har har.
After the penguins, we planned to drive another 2 hours to meet the boys but we havent been able to contact them all day. We decide to still go, however, and drive around the campsite to look for them. Ha. We really have no directions and we just follow some random sketchy signs and hope for the best. Mind you, these 'major highways' are like driving through one lane dirt roads. Well we finally reach the entrance to Wilson's Promontory National Park and we are two relieved little girls. Only to find out that there was a 30km drive ahead of us of nothing but forest and wildlife. We found out about the wildlife when we almost ran over some bunnies and wombats. It was literally the road to nowhere. Until we got somewhere. An hour later. The campsite. Thank god. To make a long story short, for 3 hours we drive around and around every little street and dirtroad and look into every lot yelling MATT and SHAWN. Everyone big group we pass we're like. Matt?? Shawn?? Americans?? Failure. We end up camping with this group of 10 Australians because they felt bad for us after the 3rd time we drove around. Ha. Whatever. It was time to get wasted after much frustraion.
The next day we were supposed to return the car by 12noon. Halfway of speeding like maniancs home, we decide to keep the car for another day, sleep in the car that night, and drive to the airport. And this was when we decided that all the crazy decisions made about this trip, were made drunk with no thinking through at all. We go along with it anyway.
We spend almost all day at this crazy insane mall and then meet up with the boys back in Melbourne City at their hostel. Story exchanging, begin drinking for the night, and drunk by 8pm. We make our way to the casino before we hit the bars, but before we knew it, it was midnight and we're still gambling. Needless to say, we never made it to the bars.
The next morning was when we were heading back to Sydney. And of course, we missed our flight. We would. Only because we were fatasses and sat at the breakfast cafe for way too long. Even after I sped my ass off going almost double the speed limit and probably got a ticket from the stupid radar cameras. Lazy cops.

Moral of the story: Things always turn out alrite no matter how bad it seems.... if you put out.