Friday, June 8, 2007

time flies!

Wow. I can't believe it's already freaking June. Our last month here! =( It hasnt actually hit me yet because we're still in our same routine of getting wasted every night, poker, sidebar (although, a member of our team has just been banned from sidebar so we must devise a plan to sneak her in), star city (ha!), and watching movies.

This was our last official week of classes. We get one week study break and then 2 weeks of finals. Good thing I only have 1 final on the 25. I do, however, have a paper due next week and one due on the 26th. But, I'M LEAVING FOR NEW ZEALAND TODAY!!. Gosh, I've gotten more and more excited the closer it came. Will be there for 11 days.. it's gonna be caaraazyyyyy. Me and Jess are going by ourselves. We've rented a car for 10 days and will be driving all over the South Island only. We're going to board for at least 4 days! SNOWBOARD! I miss snowboarding sooo much even though I wouldnt have been able to board at home anyways since its summer or spring or whatever it is. Last week was the first day of winter here. But Australia's winter is not that bad. 60's ish. Anyway, our plans in NZ are to snowboard, climb some glaciers, SKYDIVING ( =D ), canyon swinging possibly. Canyon swinging is like bungyjumping into a canyon and then you get to swing all around the canyon after you've jumped... I saw a video from when my sister did it, was pretty sick.

O yea speaking of my sister (Diana), she's finally left Indonesia where she's been for the past week to go to Shanghai for the weekend and then home. She's been traveling Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for as long as I've been in Australia. That lucky duck. She's stopped by Sydney 3-4 times in the duration and she's hung out and partied with my friends and I each time. They <3 her. Maybe more than they <3 me. Nah jk. Hopefully. Ha. Well, I can say its the most we've ever partied together in our whole lives. haha. Good times, fo sho.

Anyway, yea. So, snowboarding, sky diving, glacier climbing and penguin watching =D. HOLLLA.

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Shawn said...

You're sister is totally the cooler Dang...JK JK...have a blast boarding. Stay warm and I'll see you after my birthday.